About us

The Institute of Aquaculture is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling. We are also a host infrastructure within the EU Horizon 2020 AQUAEXCEL3 project. This means we are open for researchers from organisations in other countries to apply through AQUAEXCEL to make use of our research facilities and collaborate with our staff on short-term research projects. Research projects need to be of high quality with good potential to benefit the European aquaculture sector. The benefits of these Transnational Access (TNA) Projects are illustrated in the case-study video below.

Through AQUAEXCEL TNA you can visit the Institute of Aquaculture to carry out research using our aquariums and laboratory facilities for up to 90 days. The project covers travel and accommodation expenses and routine laboratory consumables. The most important benefit however, is probably the opportunity to collaborate with our internationally recognised research staff. This opportunity is open to researchers from most countries and organisation types.

To get started, familiarise yourself firstly with the broader aims and selection procedures for AQUAEXCEL TNA , then with the facilities available at the Institute of Aquaculture, and finally reach out to an appropriate researcher within the Institute of Aquaculture, or discuss your ideas with our TNA Manager, Dr Amaya Albalat.