AQUAEXCEL Consortium Meet in Budapest

By | November 14, 2023

The AQUAEXCEL consortium met in Budapest from 16th-18th October 2023. Sonia Rey Planellas, John Bostock and Mauro Chivite Alcalde joined on behalf of the Institute of Aquaculture. The first day included a session run by Sonia and John to discuss issues arising from the recent evaluation of the TNA management system and on the second day there were sessions on collaboration with other intrastructure projects and on the scientific work of AQUAEXCEL including Workpackage 6 “Improvements of fish welfare in experiments and industry” involving Sonia and Mauro. The meeting also included a session on ethics led by Professor Felicity Huntingford. The final day involved a visit to the MATE HAKI research facilities in Szarvas, where we learned more about the pond and RAS experimental facilities available for TNA visitors to that infrastructure.